Eden Classic

As with all Eden Mattresses, the Eden Classic is available in a range of sizes and a choice of firmness, Regular or Extra Support.

Specification Summary

  • 1221 springs (5ft area)
  • 2 rows hand side stitching
  • 100% cotton Bioticking®
  • 500gms fine lambswool comfort layer
  • 1200gms lambswool layers
  • Eco-cotton insulator pad
  • Calico cotton layer
  • Wool tufts
  • Fully framed mattress
  • Insulated wool border
Specification Table / Sizes Available
Sizes Available Mattress Length Comfort Depth Spring Count
3ft (930mm) 6ft 3in (1930mm) Approx 9in (230mm)* 726
4ft (1220mm) 6ft 3in (1930mm) Approx 9in (230mm)* 924
4ft 6in (1370mm) 6ft 3in (1930mm) Approx 9in (230mm)* 1056
5ft (1530mm) 6ft 6in (1980mm) Approx 9in (230mm)* 1221
6ft (1830mm) 6ft 6in (1980mm) Approx 9in (230mm)* 1496

Specifications Explained

  • Springs

    1.42mm gauge springs and 49mm diameter each individually sewn into cotton calico pockets enabling each spring to act independently in line with the contours of your body for supreme personal support. Available in Regular and Extra Support.

  • Border

    Upholstered with a British Lambs Wool protection layer, the 23cm (9in) deep border holds the entire mattress together with two rows of traditional hand side-stitching. Eight handles (Double and above) and piped ticking finish.

  • Fillings

    1220gsm* of pure British Lambs Wool which is a superior natural fibre providing a combination of springiness, resilience and warmth. 1200gsm* of Eco-Cotton insulator layer supporting the more delicate comfort fillings. Topped with 500gsm* of extra fine Lambs Wool and covered with the purest tightly woven ecru cotton Bioticking® for a truly comfortable finish. Hand tufted luxury with pure wool washers.