Eco Comfort of Eden

Each and every material used in Eden Eco-Mattresses™ have been carefully selected to offer proven comfort and performance whilst being environmentally friendly. Natural materials that are in tune with the body and the environment. Looking after yourself is a conscious decision, so, before you switch off the lights remember that even during rest you can look after yourself and the planet.

The stuff of dreams...

A closer look at the materials

  • Cross Section Key
    1. Eden spring system, springs sewn in individual Calico pockets.
  • 2. Calico spring cover.
  • 3. Extra fine British Wool layer.
  • 4. Cotton binding Layer.
  • 5. Cotton Bioticking® border.
  • 6. Eco-cotton insulator layer.
  • 7&8. Resilient British wool comfort layers.
  • 9. Extra fine British lambswool layer.
  • 10. Cotton Bioticking®.

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