Science of Eden

The story of the Eden Eco-Mattress™ is significant because it started not in a factory but in a university where science prevailed and factual data was everything. Producing a truly eco-mattress was never going to be simple and Eden is the result of a complex and lengthy exploration using advanced scientific technology and input from specialists across a wide field of expertise. Our partnership with the Nonwovens Research Group at the University of Leeds was challenging and inspiring and played a significant role in providing the detailed technological and research support required.

Eden took three years of research and development supported by a government research and development programme and in association with other industry partners including specialist textile and mattress filling manufacturers, the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) and the British Wool Marketing Board. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to ISO 14040 (2000) has been undertaken which compares Eden with other similar mattresses in terms of climate change, land use and sustainability. Eden excelled in all areas. The result of this eco-journey is a mattress that significantly reduces impact on the environment without compromising luxury, comfort or performance. It’s no wonder the Eden has earned the status as the world’s most eco-friendly mattress.

Data that delivers...

See below how a standard mattress impacts on the environment compared to
the Eden Eco-Mattress™ from Elizabeth Martin.

Graph explained

The graph above clearly shows how the Eden Eco-Mattress™ range impacts much less on the environment than a comparable conventional mattress, a breakdown of the results can be seen below:

  • Climate change: The global warming effect of an Eden Eco-Mattress™ is less than 12%* of a comparable conventional mattress.
  • Land use: One of the most significant benefits of an Eden Eco-Mattress™ to the environment is in land use where Eden uses only 2%* of a comparable conventional mattress.
  • Fossil fuel consumption: Eden Eco-Mattress™ only consumes 1/3rd* of the amount of fossil fuel.
  • Acidification / Eutrophication: Eden has less than 1/6th* impact towards Acidification or Eutrophication.
  • Sustainability / Minerals: An Eden Eco-Mattress™ also has a positive contribution in terms of minerals back to the land in contrast to the depletion of minerals from the land in the case of a comparable conventional mattress.
  • Winner of the furniture industry’s Best Bed Award in 2008.

  • Eden offers a new eco-sleep environment, so that you and the planet can sleep well.

  • Our partnership with the Nonwovens Research Group at Leeds University helped inspire us.